Yes, I can help you increase your Scratch Cards odds for winning on scratch cards


Welcome, This site is dedicated to winning on scratch cards.

I know that everyone loves to play scratch cards, and when I play scratch cards I love the anticipation of maybe having the winning scratch card, the excitement of removing the panels, and feeling that I really can win that big jackpot.

Right now there is a revolution in the amount of great scratch cards games available online, meaning there is even more fun to be had :-) when playing scratch cards online.

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One of the best things about scratch cards is the win ratio, as with a win ratio of up to 95% and with some scratch cards offering 1 in 3 cards being a winner, its pretty obvious that online scratch cards have high winning odds.

The chance of winning is high but with a few easy steps you can further increase the odds of you winning on scratch cards, so please read on.

OK, lets start at the beginning, winning on scratch cards is down to luck, this means that there is no software guaranteed to make you win on scratch cards or documents or methods that you can buy to make you win on scratch cards and certainly no holy grail to use you to ensure winning scratch cards, but you can do something to increase percentage chances of you winning on scratch cards.

Our hints and tips for how to win on scratch cards are:

  • Buying more low value scratch cards than the more expensive scratch cards, this will let you get more chances to win, so go for cards that are within your budget but allow you to purchase a quantity of cards that increases your odds of winning, as an example, go for 30 x 20p cards, not 1 x 6.00 scratch card
  • Use other peoples money, no not stealing, fraud or annoying your partner, I mean taking advantage of all the free scratch cards cash that great sites like hopa Scratch Cards are willing to offer to new players, the best offers that I have taken advantage of are at the bottom of this page.
  • Once you are signed up, and have taken advantage of the bonus offer, join the sites scratch card player club, this way you will get offered bonuses and free scratch cards that will further increase the chances of winning that jackpot, you may also be involved in free games days when the player club gets hold of the latest scratch cards before they are released to everyone, now thats fun!
  • When you are on a winning streak, increase the cost value of the cards to give you a chance to win the bigger jackpots available to you
  • As you win, bank roll some cash, that way if your winning streak slows down, you are still up on the day, think about managing your bank roll, win, then bank some, then increase card value
  • Don’t end up with no cash to play, set yourself a budget anda value that you will play, when you get down to the value that you want to remain in your account and if you are not winning, stop playing

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And remember, Online Scratch Cards are fun so take your time, enjoy each card, and enjoy winning on scratch cards even more!